For 3-Flow, Inc.
Flange Isolation Kits over 24" Nominal Pipe Size

For flange faces greater than 250 micro inches, consult 3-Flow, Inc.

Please Specify the following that applies to your application.

Water Application - AWWA Class & Table:

Energy Application - Series A or B:

Mis-Matched Flanges: Yes     No
     If yes: Confirm Both Flange Types

Pipe ID:

Steel Sleeve ID (Concrete Pipe):

Internal Lining:

For Bolts and Studs over 24" Nominal Pipe Size Applications.

Bolts/Studs with smooth shank portions should not have a greater diameter than the maximum diameter of the threads. If this is the case, the sleeve may not fit over the shank portion. The adjacent graphic shows a shank/threads sized differently which will cause problem during field installation.

For Custom and Special Flange Applications the following dimensions are required.

Flange ID:

Flange OD:

Flange Thickness:

Sleeve Length:

Bolt Hole Diameter:

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