3-Flow, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality sealing/isolating gaskets and flange isolation kits targeting the oil, gas and water pipeline markets. The company has over 30 years of combined experience, and the principals have in-depth knowledge of the engineering/manufacturing of the product, as well as, the sales/marketing avenues to the end user.

"A new school flare with old school principals" will be the foundation and driving force to the success of this new Flange Sealing System Company. The 3-Flow portfolio includes 4 Branded Product Lines; The COREGUARD™, POINTGUARD™ and FLATEMATE™ sealing systems, engineered equals to compete with the current competitors and what is specified in the various markets around the world today (Faced Gaskets, Composite and Steel Clad Gaskets with engineered sealing elements and retainers).

A new engineered and innovative gasket with unique sealing and isolation benefits is the FLOWGUARD™ sealing/isolating system. As for "New School Flare", our support and marketing programs will be extremely beneficial; an experience the industry has never been presented.

The backbone will be the representative and authorized stocking distributor infrastructure; this is where our "old school principals" will be applied. 3-Flow's core aim is to work with a key group of representatives and distributors that share the fundamental values of partnership and loyalty. 3-Flow knows the importance of protecting market avenues when promoting and selling our Flanged Sealing System of Gaskets and Isolation Kits.

"A Fresh Start to Sealing"